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Jobs That Will Get You A US Visa

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Jobs That Will Get You A US Visa

Whenever you think of Jobs that will get you a US visa, then the type of visa that comes to your mind is the H1B visa.

This visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows a company to hire a foreign worker for up to six years. Meanwhile, the applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the specialty in which he wants to work in the United States.

It is also necessary that the degree is accompanied by professional experience. Therefore, this article will show some of the jobs that will get you a US Visa faster.

These jobs are some of the most demanded among companies in the United States.

Top Jobs That Will Get You A US Visa (H1 B)

These jobs are carefully selected. So, if you specialize in any of them, you are a step forward to getting a US visa.

  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Architects
  • Biologists
  • Chemists
  • Budget and Management Analysts
  • Civil Engineers
  • College and University Educators
  • Data Communication and Network Administrators
  • Database Administrators
  • Economists
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • Graphic Designers and Artists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Sales and Distribution Managers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Physicians and Surgeons
  • Software Engineers
  • Systems Analysts and Programmers
  • Statisticians
  • Therapists
  • Surveyors
  • Teachers, Primary and Secondary Schools

Who Can Qualify For the H1B VISA?

First of all, you need to find an employing company that will sponsor your visa. For this, you must have certain valuable knowledge, which is to be a qualified specialist.

You will also need to confirm your qualifications with a diploma of education and 3 years of experience in the specialty. If a diploma is not available, then a confirmed 12-year experience is required.

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NOTE: The diploma must fully comply with the requirements that are established in the United States for specialists working in this specialty.

Meanwhile, only the employing company is eligible to apply for the H1B visa and it must pay all taxes, duties and other expenses associated with organizing the visa.

The following information must be specified in papers submitted to the US Department of Labor;

  • Position and qualifications of the invited specialist.
  • The total number of foreign nationals holding vacancies.
  • Guaranteed equal pay and working conditions for invited people and US citizens.
  • Notification of the trade union and other employees of the company about the upcoming hiring of a foreign citizen.

How to Get H1B Visa

In case your dream job is among the jobs listed earlier, then you should consider getting the H1B visa. So follow the steps highlighted below to get it ready.

  1. Based on the foregoing, the following stages must be followed to receive H1B;
  2. Search for a company that will need your skills and abilities.
  3. Prepare all necessary documents by this company and fill a petition with the US Labor Department.
  4. After falling qualifying and positive decision is received, the documents go to the Immigration Service, where the H1B registration process is completed.
  5. Obtain your visa and cross the US border to begin your previously agreed duties.
  6. If in the future there is a desire to switch to another employer, then an application is submitted to the immigration service and a transfer is made out.

As a result, if all the documents are in order and the employer is interested in the person as a future employee of the company, you only need to visit the consulate.

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I believe that this article has exposed you to the jobs that can get your US visa. You can therefore go-ahead to share them with your colleagues online.

Meanwhile, you should remember that the type of visa you will qualify for is the H1B Visa.

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