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Canada Immigration through Express Entry

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Canada Immigration Express Entry

The Canada immigration express entry system is one of the most popular ways to select the most eligible candidates for immigration to Canada.

Meanwhile, to enter the Eligible Candidate Pool (called the Express Entry Pool), you must qualify under one of the following programs below;

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Program

Thanks to the Express Entry, Canadian employers will play an important role in the immigration process as they will be able to increase a candidate’s chances of being invited to submit their application for permanent residence.

About the Canada Express Entry

Express Entry is an online, automatic system, consisting of 3 stages that are discussed below;

  • Stage 1

Candidates who want to apply under the programs listed earlier, need to first express their interest to the federal government.

Preliminary verification of the person’s profile and eligibility will be made, and if eligible, their data will enter the government system and will be part of the Group of Eligible Candidates (called Express Entry Pool).

A certain score will be awarded, based on factors such as work experience, profession, education, age, language level, among others, to determine the chances of contributing to the economic success of Canada.

Based on this score, the government will determine who is most qualified to immigrate.

Also, candidates will have to register with Job Bank, if they do not already have a job offer or provincial nomination.

To increase their chances of receiving the ITA (Invitation to Apply), candidates can promote themselves with employers through Job Bank.

  • Stage 2
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The highest-ranked candidates will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) (called Invitation to Apply).

  • Stage 3

Submit the immigration application within 60 days as well as the required documents online.

What Are The Rates Under The Express Entry?

According to official information, there will be no fee to express interest in immigrating (stage 1). Meanwhile, for processing the permanent residence application (stage 3), the fee is $ 550 per adult and $ 150 per child at the time of application.

However, it will $ 490 per adult before receiving the visa.

How Many Applications Will Be Received?

The limits approved by the government will be taken into account. The average Federal Immigration Plan is 23,000 people under the Canadian Experience program. Then, 51,000 people under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and 48,000 under the Provincial Nominee Program.

According to government data, some 65,000-75,000 applications are expected to be processed, not counting provincial applications.

The Province Of Quebec in Canada

Applications for the province of Quebec will not enter the Express Entry system. There will be a separate system, called Declaration of interest, very similar to the EE.

What Will Be The Processing Time Under The Express Entry System?

The goal is to issue the final decision within 6 months from the date of receipt of a complete application. The duration between stage 1 and 2 of the process is not yet known.

The data of the candidates considered eligible in stage 1 of the process will be kept for 12 months. After this period you can express the interest again if you meet the requirements.


In conclusion, the Express Entry does not refer to the requirements to immigrate.  It is a system to filter eligible candidates, to choose the best ones and speed up processing times.

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EE will also help you find a job before arriving in Canada. This is good news, only now it is very important not only to be eligible as before but also to be among the best.

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