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USA Visa Application

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USA Visa Application

Types of US Visa

Do you want to travel to the United States? Are you in the United States but need to change your status? You will probably need a US visa.

The United States is undeniably a dream place to be for most foreigners around the world today. To move over to the place, you will need a US visa.

Therefore, this article will expose you to different types of US visas. Find the best one for you, and learn how to apply.

Now, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and read through!

What Is A Visa?

A visa is a stamp or document issued by a country that allows coming to that country. It permits you to stay and tells you how long you can stay.

The Types of US Visa

The United States has many types of visas, but there are two main categories which are discussed below;

  • Immigrant Visa

Immigrant visas are for people who want to come to live in the United States. You can find a list of immigrant visas on the Department of State official website.

  • Non-immigrant Visa

Nonimmigrant visas are for people who wish to come as a visitor. Visitors can be tourists or visiting relatives.

They may want to come to work or study for a while. You can find a list of nonimmigrant visas on the Department of State official website.

Types of Nonimmigrant American Visas

The US State Department has developed a list of types of nonimmigrant visas. Therefore, it is important for anyone wishing to travel to the United States to understand his/her purpose of the trip.

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The purpose of the trip determines the category of the visa. If it is not chosen correctly, difficulties will arise during the interview at the embassy.

So below are the types of nonimmigrant American visa;

  • Visa for Business and Tourism

This visa is issued for temporary residence in the country. Meanwhile, the goals can be different; business (in this case, a B1 visa is issued), tourism or medical treatment (B2). Sometimes, they are combined and issued a B1 / B2 visa.

  • Student Visa

They are received by those who wish to study in the United States. There are two categories: F (for those planning to study English or students of American colleges and universities) and M (for those who will receive a professional or non-academic education).

  • Work Visa

This visa is issued to non-immigrants wishing to work temporarily in the United States. Category (H, L, O, P, Q, and R) depends on the type of work.

The deadline for this visa is indicated in the petition submitted by the applicant. It must also be approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

  • Transit Visa

Transit without a visa is prohibited in the United States of America. The airports don’t even have a transit area for such people.

Therefore, tourists who travel to other states through the territory of the US have to apply for a category C transit permit (if they do not have other American visas).

Meanwhile, the visas are usually given for 1 or 2 US border crossings.

A Category D transit visa is issued for those who service ships and aircraft in the United States.

  • Visa For Journalists And Media Workers
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Category I of the visa is given to journalists, reporters, film crews, editors and similar professions while the category B1 should be enough for photographers.

If a journalist travels on a long business trip to the United States, he may be issued a multiple-entry visa for a year.

  • Domestic Service Visa

It is given to cooks, maids, nannies, etc. – who go to their employers. Meanwhile, their categories depend on the profession of the employer.

Domestic workers of diplomats are issued A3 visas while a G5 visa is given to those who work for employees of international organizations.

How to Know Which US Visa To Apply For

It can be confusing to know how to choose the correct visa. Don’t worry, the US Department of State Visa Assistant will help you out.

They will ask some basic questions, like where are you from and why are you coming to the United States.

You do not have to enter personal data because your answers to the questions will determine the best option for you.

It is worth noting that different types of visas have letters to identify them.

How to Apply For A US Visa

First, choose the visa you need from the State.gov list. Select the link next to the type of visa.

The link will be a letter or letters and often with a number, for example, J or H1-B.

This link will take you to the details of a page and instructions for that visa.

When you select the link to apply for an immigrant visa, you will leave the Department of State website and go to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

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Validity of Visas

Validity means the ability to enter the United State for a given period where how long you can stay in the country is determined by the US immigration officer at the border.

This information is indicated on the entry stamp in the passport.

The maximum possible to stay in the country is 6 months. You can enter the United States even on the last day of your visa.

Note: When applying for an American visa, especially categories B1 and B2, you need to remember that any applicant is considered a potential immigrant to the United States.

Therefore, it is important to convince the consular staff that there are no such intentions since the applicant has close ties with his home country (show that he has a family, children, good job, etc.).


I believe that you now understand the types of US visas that we have discussed today. Understanding them will help you make the right choices before applying.

Ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who might also be interested in this piece. You can as well drop your comments below.

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