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Medical Schools in Canada for International Students

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Medical Schools in Canada for International Students

Are you a foreigner searching for medical schools in Canada for an international student? Then, this article is for you.

Medical education has always been a dream course for so many students around the world today. Meanwhile, it will be more fulfilling if you study it at one of the favourite universities in Canada.

So, to become a certified specialist, you need to spend a lot of resources, both financial and time.

The article will cover all you need to know regarding the topic.

What You Need To Know Before Applying To Medical School in Canada

  1. Universities in Canada do not accept international students for medical specialties at all. So, to be able to study as a doctor, you need a Canadian passport.
  2. Studying medicine abroad is a rather complicated and lengthy process, and, most often, an expensive path. It should be taken into account that it takes seven to eight years to study to be a doctor, plus 2 to 7 years of internship.
  3. Compared to other specialties, the cost of studying medicine in Canada is quite high. You must decide if you are ready to cover all tuition and living expenses for the entire period of study. It is usually simply impossible to earn money while studying to be a doctor due to the high workload during training.
  4. You must be prepared for continuous brain activity for at least 10-12 hours a day. You also need to make sure that the GPA level is high enough, as this affects your transition between courses, and on getting a job in general.
  5. Many people know that doctors abroad receive 15, 30 and even 50 thousand dollars a month. But few know that the average doctor’s work schedule is 100 hours a week. Therefore, you need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing this specialty.
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In contrast to all these difficulties, the medical profession is one of the most prestigious and highly paid in the West.

With a diploma from a foreign university, you will not have any problems with employment abroad.

Top Medical Schools in Canada for International Students

There are several Universities to study medicine in Canada, here we will mention the best Universities to be able to practice this profession effectively.

  • McGill University

This university is located in Montreal, Quebec and it has a global ranking of 49. The university has a relationship with many teaching hospitals in Canada making it suitable for a medical student.

It is one of the oldest medical school in Canada and has a lot of academic achievements.

  • University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is another top medical school in Canada for international student. It is number 18 on the university global ranking.

It has a medical science campus that is very close to St. George in Toronto. You should consider this University for your medical career.

  • Queens University

This is an extraordinary university that has been tagged by many as one of the best universities in Canada.

You will get a high-quality education and will enjoy great international prestige.

  • Western University

This university accepts approximately 171 students, requires a high qualification but its acceptance rate is 11% which can be good.

It is a public university and has an excellent library, as well as museums.

It has an excellent reputation over time. Therefore, you may consider going to Western University to study medicine.

  • University of Ottawa
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It is one of the oldest universities in the country, it has approximately 30 thousand students.

The people who study at this university are characterized by the fact that they are taught French and English classes, which is good for academic excellence.

  • University of Alberta

It is a public research university which is considered to be one of the first universities in Canada to play an excellent and fundamental role over time.

  • University of British Columbia

Here is another great university that made it to our list today. With a global ranking of 30, the university has two main campuses – the Okanagan campus and Vancouver campus.

The university has a solid reputation and it is recommended for your medical studies.

When to Start Preparing For Admission to Canadian Universities

You need to start preparing for admission from grade 8.

For foreign students, school grades and the level of language proficiency are important. There should be good preparation in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and sometimes Physics.

If your grades are low according to your country school system, then you have little chance of entering a Canadian university at the medical faculty.

List of required documents for admission to universities in Canada include;

  1. Extracting grades from the school for the last three years of study (grades 8, 9 and 10)
  2. IELTS or TOEFL test result
  3. Other additional requirements (depending on the specialty and training program)


Now that you know the medical schools in Canada for international students, you should make adequate preparation because medicine not an easy course to study.

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So, if you found this useful, you can share it with your colleagues online who might also be interested.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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