Best Private High Schools in America



Best Private High Schools in America

Are you are citizen or foreigner searching for the best private high schools in America? Don’t worry you are on the right page of the web because this article will cover all you need to know.

In case you received your high school education in the United States, then you automatically have the foundation that will allow you to successfully enter many universities in America.

It is worth noting that 90% of graduates from leading US private boarding schools are enrolled in the most prestigious US universities.

If you want to study at one of the best private high schools in America, then you can select from the ones mentioned in this article today.

10 Best Private High Schools in America

On the territory of America, there are about 30 thousand private leading schools, which differ from each other in different directions, different levels of teaching, as well as infrastructural equipment and location.

With such a large number of educational institutions in America, it makes it difficult to select the most suitable educational institution for high school students.

But according to the ranking by, below are the 10 best private high schools in America.

  1. Phillips Academy at Massachusetts

Phillip Academy is one of the most recommended private high schools in America. Although you might find their fees expensive and it is worth it.

The school operates both day and boarding. It is located at Andover, Massachusetts which is 25 miles away from Boston.

The tuition fees for boarding student is $55,800 and $43,300 for day students.

  1. Harvard-Westlake School at California
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Harvard- Westlake School is another great private high school in America. This school was established in 1900, located in Los Angeles, California.

The school has approximately 1,600 students enrolled in grades 7-12. The tuition fee is $41,300 for each student.

  1. Phillips Exeter Academy at New Hampshire

This school also operates day and boarding and it is located at Exeter, New Hampshire.

It is known to be one of the earliest high schools in the United States founded in 1781.

The tuition fee for boarding is $57,563 while for the day is $44,960 annually. They also made it to the list of best private high schools in America.

  1. Trinity School at New York

Trinity school is a member of the Ivy Preparation School league and New York Interschool. It has been tagged one of the most elite private high schools in the US.

It was founded in 1709 and located at New York City, United States of America. Their tuition fee is $57,230 annually.

  1. Choate Rosemary Hall at Connecticut

Choate rosemary hall also made it to our list of the best private high schools in America today.

This school is located at Wallingford, Connecticut, United States and was founded in 1890.

They operate both day and boarding school. The tuition fee for the day is $47,550 while for boarding is $61,760.

  1. Mark’s School of Texas at Texas

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Tuition Fee per year: $30,876

  1. Lakeside School at Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington

Tuition Fee per year: $38,160

  1. The College Preparatory School at California
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Location: Oakland, California

Tuition Fee per year: $48,300

  1. Paul’s School at New Hampshire

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Tuition Fee per year: $62, 000

  1. The Lawrenceville School at New Jersey

Location: Lawrence Township, New Jersey

Tuition Fee per year: $62,190

When calculating the rating, various parameters were used which include the amount of funding for the school, the average SAT score among others.

Tuition Fees in Private Schools in America

The cost of tuition in private boarding schools is quite high, and, as a rule, it is comparable to the cost of tuition in American universities.

The approximate cost of training at private high schools in America is $50,200 per year.

At the same time, the price of the training includes studies, as well as accommodation on a full board basis.


I believe you now know some of the best private schools in America. These schools are well recommended by most notable bodies around the world.

Therefore, you should share this with your colleagues online who might also be searching for a list like this online.

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