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Works that will grant you Canadian and USA Visa

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Contrary to what many people knows, one of the easiest ways to gain a visa into the US for immigration is through marriage, people has always Invest their efforts to outsmart this hurdles and find their ways to America through this means. in their opinion falling in love with an American lady or man will grants you an automatic visa into the country for reunion after passing the legal marriage procedures.

However not everyone are interested in this method of immigration. in fact 80% of applicants prefer entering through a more professional methods like hunting for job through some US job seeking means or get sponsored by a particular company or firms who needs your services. while others may attain the same feast through other methods like family sponsorship visa and asylum, this method is much more professional and efficient.

To be able to settle in America as an employment-based immigrant, you’re strongly advised to search for the types of job that’ll grant you visa into the country before applying. to crown it all, not all types of jobs grants easy access to America visa, this is why you’re advised to subject yourself to thorough brainstorming.

Which Type of Job will Grants Someone a Hurdle free US Visa?

As mentioned earlier, they’re lists of some selected jobs which can grants you easy access to the United States visa as far as you’re able to provide the requirements. depending on your time schedule, the nature of the job and your employers intents, the job can be temporary, permanent or seasonal.

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Employment Based Jobs

Of all the types of jobs in the United States which offers work visa to foreign nationals, the employment based worker is the most diverse among them. it has varieties of sub-categorise under it for the various types of skills

some of the categories and the job entitlements are:

(EB-1) –  This type of visa is issued to individuals whom are experts in the various fields like sciences, business, arts, sports & athletics, education, researchers and professors and other key Extraordinary individuals willing to travel to the US for a job

(EB2) – This is more professional than the former, it is mainly for those who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or who are exceptional and can help promotes the national interests of the United states

(EB3) – This is assigned to individuals whom are skillful professionals and may intend to do any other types of work in the US related to skills and technical works.

(EB4)- This type of work visa is basically for special immigrants. people whom are interested in religious works, international workers, NATO, retired officers, neglected/abused juveniles etc

(EB5) The EB5 visa is for nationals of foreign countries whom are intending to invest in the United States. although not all individuals can apply for this type of work visa because it is expensive and capital consuming.

The individual seeking for this type of visa must at least invest up to $500.000 and the job must create at least 10 employment opportunities for employees to work.

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The US Seasonal Agricultural Workers Visa

This type of seasonal visa is issued to foreigners intending to work in the agricultural field in the US.

The US seasonal agricultural workers visa is a temporary visa allocated to individuals yearly during agricultural working time due to shortage of skillful technicians in the field to execute all the works. normally the visa is valid for 3 years and the holders are expected to return to their country after the completion of the said years in the US.


In summary

Although we can not extensively give the details of the types of jobs that can easily grants someone a United States visa since they’re numerous works which can certainly serve that purpose. nevertheless below are some of the popular jobs in the United States which guarantee you a hurdle free work visa to the country

• Engineers

• Healthcare workers

• IT / Computer professionals

• Teachers

• University professors

• Financial analysts

• Accountants

• Architects

• Market research analysts

• Management consultants

• Foreign Law advisors

• Lawyers

• Nurses

• Surgeons

• Physicians

• Dentists

• Psychologists

• Journalists and editors

• Systems analysts

• Technical publications writers

• Teachers in elementary or secondary schools, colleges

• Scientists

• US Sponsorship Work Visa

If you’re a skillful experts in some certain fields, you may stand a chance to be sponsored by a company in the US. some of the notable companies that sponsor interested qualified applicants into the United States to work with them are:

• Google

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• Amazon

• Facebook

• Microsoft

• Accenture

• Intel


• Apple

• Qualcomm

• Capgemini

• Deloitte

• Cisco

• Oracle

As an applicant looking for a work visa into the US, you may apply to any of the above mentioned companies to be sponsored to the United States if you’re qualified.

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