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USA Family Based Green Card

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Immigrants from different parts of the world are always vying for the United States visa, in every year up to millions of people apply for the United States immigration visa through the various streams of the immigration to US, of all this only considerate numbers of applicants are granted the entitlement.

Recall that they’re many ways in which one can easily access a permanent residency in the US, in this article, we will specifically be dealing with the United States family based green card, the various streams under it, how it works and the requirements for the visa application.

What is the US Family based Green Card?

The US family based green card is a type of immigration visa issued to applicants from different parts of the world who wishes to live and unite with their family members living in the United States. this type of visa warrants an individual having a family in the United States either as a citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their family members into the United States to live with them permanently. the family members could be spouse wife/husband, children or siblings whom are of the same family.

It is noteworthy that inhabitants living in the United States without the citizenship or residential status aren’t granted the entitlement to this type of visa, also apart from your family members like husband/wife siblings and parents, other members such as cousins, niece and grandparents are not allowed.

A holder of this type of immigration visa is entitled to enjoy all the social benefits as other permanent immigrants such as going to school in the US, having the entitlement to work in all the various companies in the US, travel in and out in the United States, live in any desired territory of your choice and you may apply for the US citizen as far as you’re qualified to do so.

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Types of the Family based Green Card

They’re lots of visa sub categories under this immigration visa depending on your nationality, the person sponsoring you and your individuality.

The IR-3 visa is for children whom are adopted abroad by a citizen of the United states

The IR-1 visa for the U.S citizen who wishes to sponsor their spouse into the country

The IR-4 visa for children whom are to be adopted within the U.S by a citizen of the United states

The IR-5 visa for US citizens parents whom are or above the age of 21.

The IR-2 visa is children of the US citizens who are below 21 and are unmarried

Requirements for the US Family based Green Card

The US family based green card immigration visa as an immigration stream on its own has its own terms and conditions as well as their criteria for choosing an applicant, recall that the visa has different types of sub categories under it therefore the requirements for each types of the visa sub streams varies. nevertheless all the types of visa requires it’s applicant to be sponsored by a legalized United States citizen or a permanent resident of the US.

The visa application also demands you to have meet up with other immigration policies such as having a criminal free records, having the prosper relationship with the sponsors, marriage certificate is highly required if you’re being sponsored by your spouse in the US, in the case of children you’re expected to bring forth their birth certificate.

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How do I apply for the US family based green card?

To apply for the United States family based immigration green card, you’re expected to pass some series of steps just like other normal visa application.

below is the breakdown of the step by step procedure to follow in other to apply for the US family based green card

The first step is for the U.S citizen/LPR to petitions for their family to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). after the petition is approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the second phase is to apply to the US embassy in the home country of the said family relatives to begin their visa application.

Step 1 Filling the Petition

This is normally done by the sponsor living in the United States prior to the beginning of the visa application. this requires the family relatives living in the United States to fill a petition form and then submit it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with the specified petition fees

The applicants will be notified by the NVC who’ll send the basic information and the instructions with some key documents such as the invoice ID number and may others which will be used to start the application in the US embassy of your country or any visa application center.

Step 2 Applying for the IR-2 visa

Since their is no waiting time for applicants of the immediate relatives to start their application unlike the family preference visas in which the person has to wait for a certain time before they begin their application.

This requires you to file Form DS-260. literally, the form DS-260 is an Immigrant Visa Electronic Application form in which all the applicants for immigrant visas must apply and submit to be able to further their application processes. the sponsor or the applicants applying for the visa is advised to take proper care to read the requirements and then answer all the necessary questions correctly.

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Go for a medical examination and vaccination

After you’re being approved owing to the petition filed, the NVC will send you a package containing the items needed for the application alongside with the medical procedure you’re to complete as well as the vaccines you’re expected to take before the end of the application. during the course of the application, you must undertake the specified medical requirements, the test will be done by a licensed and recommended medical expert by the authority of the embassy of your country or any visa application center.

Attending the Interview

The interview phase is compulsory for all applicants wishing to migrate to the United States. as a potential immigrant you’re required to schedule for an interview after the successful completion of your application where you’ll be presenting some documents and as well as answering some questions such as the reasons you’re applying for the visa.

some of the documents you my be required to present during the interview are:

• Your valid passport

• A Form DS-260 confirmation page

• Signed Form I-864, Affidavit of Support from the U.S petitioner

• Your medical test and vaccination documents

• A recent Photograph of the applicant

• An affirmation statement from the Court or police indicating you’re cleared of any criminal charges

• Military record if you serve in the military

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