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Top Pet Insurance Companies in Europe and Their Insurance Quotes

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Pet ownership across Europe has seen a steady increase, leading to a corresponding rise in the demand for pet insurance. With numerous companies offering various plans, it can be challenging for pet owners to find the best coverage for their furry friends. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top pet insurance companies in Europe, provide an overview of their plans and quotes, and address frequently asked questions about pet insurance.

Leading Pet Insurance Providers in Europe

  1. Agria Pet Insurance (Sweden & UK)

    • Coverage Highlights: Agria offers comprehensive coverage that includes veterinary fees for illness and injury, breeding risks, and even behavioral therapies. Their customizable plans allow owners to choose their levels of deductible and co-insurance.
    • Quote Example: For a mixed-breed dog, basic coverage starts at around £15 per month in the UK.
  2. Trupanion (UK)

    • Coverage Highlights: Trupanion stands out for offering one simple plan that covers 90% of medical costs after the deductible is met, with no payout limit.
    • Quote Example: Monthly premiums for a Labrador Retriever can start at approximately £25, depending on age and health conditions.
  3. Allianz Pet Insurance (Germany)

    • Coverage Highlights: Allianz provides detailed coverage including accident and illness, with options for preventive care add-ons.
    • Quote Example: Prices start from €15 per month for cats and €20 for dogs, with variations based on animal species and the chosen deductible.
  4. Anicura Pet Insurance (Multiple European Countries)

    • Coverage Highlights: Linked with Anicura veterinary clinics, they offer integrated veterinary care and insurance packages. Coverage includes standard medical treatments and emergency services.
    • Quote Example: Starting at about €22 per month for basic dog insurance.
  5. Petplan (UK)

    • Coverage Highlights: Known for comprehensive illness and injury coverage, Petplan also offers breed-specific plans which are a significant advantage.
    • Quote Example: The average cost for a medium-sized dog insurance is around £30 per month.
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FAQs about Pet Insurance in Europe

What does pet insurance typically cover?

  • Pet insurance primarily covers veterinary expenses related to accidents and illnesses. Most plans cover surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and emergency care. Some insurers offer wellness or preventive care plans as add-ons.

Is pet insurance worth it?

  • It can be beneficial for those who want financial protection against high veterinary costs due to unexpected illnesses or injuries. For chronic conditions or breeds prone to specific ailments, insurance can save significant amounts over the pet’s lifetime.

How is the insurance premium determined?

  • Premiums are generally based on several factors including the pet’s age, breed, and pre-existing health conditions, as well as the plan’s deductible and coverage level.

Can I visit any vet, or must I choose from a network?

  • Most insurance companies in Europe allow you to visit any licensed veterinarian. However, some might have networks that offer additional benefits if you choose a vet within their network.

Are there any pet insurance plans that cover pre-existing conditions?

  • Typically, pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Some insurers might cover conditions if the pet has been symptom-free for a certain period, but this varies widely between policies.


Choosing the right pet insurance requires careful consideration of what each plan offers and how it matches your pet’s needs. Premiums vary by provider and the specifics of the coverage desired. Before settling on a plan, compare quotes from several insurers (check out pet insurance USA) and review each policy’s exclusions and benefits. Ensuring your pet’s health with the right insurance can save you from unexpected financial strains and provide peace of mind

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